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POS, CRM, Web Store, & Inventory Management

The task

Peter is looking for an all-in-one solution for POS, CRM, inventory management and web store.  However, he finds many bad reviews based on having POS and web stores integrated.

Here are some of the reviews he found:

Review 1: Data corruption: because the data structure of POS and Magento webstores are different, it creates data corruption down the road.

Review 2: Many third party POS do not support product updates on most attributes of Magento, such as changing categories. To fix this problem, users need to delete all Magento items data and re-upload from the POS.

Review 3: Integration with Magento web store:  At a glance, Magento integration is a brilliant feature for a retail Point of Sale, since many retailers need to be able to showcase their items online to compete. Unfortunately, the integration between third party POS and Magento appears to be minimal, feature-wise. For example, to use third party POS to manage inventory, users have to forgo many Magento features since they are not 100% compatible

Review 4: Many third party POS do not synchronize Magento-specific data like reviews, tags, related items, etc.

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Solution: Peter POS, web store, and inventory management solutionsare the best option.  Since it is all-in-one, the data structure is the same throughout POS, web store and inventory management, removing the opportunity for errors.  Because of its nature, SellerSoftware solution uses the same attributes for POS and web stores,soany changesin an item will be immediately reflected.

Based on more than 20 years of development experience in supporting individual clients, appreciates and is responsive to delivering solutions that work. Not to mention, we have retained customer loyalty by fixing major issues within 24 hours.

It is important to note that:

  1. This POS, CRM, Web Store & Inventory Management package is not a do-it-yourself solution like other low cost 3rd party E-Commerce platform or free open source software.  If you are not a web programmer or web master, we understand many companies hire professional high cost web developers to finish their website projects on the low cost E-Commerce platform. However, they still need to use three to five different software and the result is not satisfactory.
  2. is an all-in-one software platform and you don’t need three to five different software to do daily E-Commerce operations.  For SellerSoftware solution users, you can just hire us at affordable rates to complete your all-in-one management solution.
  3. Building this all-in-one solution requires a lot of work hours, so we only recommend it for online sellers who can spend extra hours to build up a web store.  If you are one of them, you can contact us with your requiements, current website address, and budget to build this POS, CRM, Web Store & Inventory management solution.  We can answer within 24 hours.
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POS, CRM, Web Store, & Inventory Management

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