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Inventory & Warehouse Management

The task

Mike is starting a new business on Amazon and eBay. Since he owns a small startup, he doesn’t hold much quantity for his customers. More, he wants to sell his inventory on both Amazon and eBay, and he wants to avoid overselling and underselling.

He researched many cheap software solutions, but none of them satisfy his needs:

  1. Mike doesn’t want to link item numbers every time he creates new products
  2. He doesn’t want to maintain data and applications locally
  3. He wants inventory control, centralized order processing, easy fulfillment, premium listing management, and more
  4. Budget: Less than $1000/mo.

30-Day Free Trial Available satisfies all his needs and surpassed expectations in both quality and price. Mike also knows he is in good hands, working with developers who have more than 16 years of Amazon and eBay development.

Centralized Inventory Management

You don’t need other 3rd party listings and order processing software to centralize inventory management.

If you sell on both Amazon and eBay, SellerSoftware can list your items to Amazon and/or eBay directly.  It also downloads orders, payment information, and centralizes order processing. By adding a Point of Sale (POS) feature, you can extend inventory control for your brick-and-mortar store at the same time. Finally, our shipping management can currently print USPS, USPS Priority Mail and UPS. What’s more, we can help setup payment processors for seamless connections.

Black Box Inventory Control

If you want to accurately control your inventory, our unique black box logging system will track and monitor in real-time. As an extra measure,only staff members with permissions can edit quantities.

No More Linking and Building Multi-Channel Items

Unlike other software solutions, is equipped with marketplace listing management. Once you create items, it will remember the sku and push information to marketplaces and web stores. No need to download. Simply link and build relationships.  

Sales Analysis

Advanced sales analytics tools will give you easy forecasting to find out which brands or family of products are the best sellers.


Efficient Inventory Status

It is easy to check the total inventory on hand, pending orders, available stock, ordered inventory, and life-time sold quantity. An added feature is monitoring total sales in the last 30 days.


Print your UPC and/or barcodes easily in the system. You only need a laser or Zebra printer. Our convenient lot number recording makes it easy for you to curate and build your pick list.

Low Stock Alerts Report

Set your minimum quantity required on each item and get an instant report to identify and restock low inventory.


Inventory & Warehouse Management

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