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Amazon & POS

The task

Jamie has owned a brick-and-mortar women’s clothing store for 10 years, and now wants toexpand her business nationwide.  Looking into her options, she chose to sell her products to Amazon, as it is the easiest and most cost efficient way to expand her market reach.

The challenge is that she wants to use her store inventory on Amazon and she doesn’t want to oversell or undersell.  Underselling would create a net loss and overselling would create penalties and possible disruptions to her Amazon selling privileges.

Her options follow:

  1. POS and Amazon need to be linked
  2. Variations like color and size must match Amazon’s standard
  3. Need to enter UPC/ASIN for Amazon
  4. Sync Amazon inventory with store inventory in real-time.  No import orexport needed
  5. Bulk upload to Amazon
  6. Credit card merchant rate should be lower than 3.5%

30-Day Free Trial Available

It turns out Jamie cannot find any solution which has both POS and Amazon integration. Also, the credit card merchant rate is too high.  She finds that is the only platform that includes POS and Amazon integration with a merchant rate less than 3.5%. This entails that any item that sells out in the store is automatically removed from her Amazon store without any import and export penalty.
Expand Your Business To Amazon With SellerSoftware POS

The First Point OfSale system to directly integrate into Amazon Sellercentral

Amazon & POS subscription packages can be used to expand your offline business to online easily.

There is no need to download software, or import and export every time you get orders. SellerSoftware POS syncs store inventory to Amazon automatically.

Real Hands-on Point Of Sale

Our POS actually feels like real-time, retail POS, giving a faster check- out on a single screen.

You don’t have to search through images and inventory, closing several different screens before check-out. More, SellerSoftware POS works on both desktops and tablets, and there is no download required.

This POS is optimized to check out multiple items just like in a fast-paced store environment.

Synced Inventory

All of your store sales, manual orders, and Amazon sales will be automatically updated at both POS and Amazon Sellercentral in real-time.


No Training Necessary

Scanning your items and checking-out is user friendly.

Collect cash, check, and credit cards as forms of payment. In a matter of a few clicks, you and your customers will complete transactions.

Optional Mobile Website

The optional mobile website enables your customers to keep track of their store transactions and website purchases. After all, the SellerSoftware, Amazon, POS and Mobile Website solution is designed to make your job easier and simplify your daily tasks.

Amazon & POS

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