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Amazon, eBay, & Web Store

The task

Finally you can gain completely control of your eCommerce platform.

Introducing, the all-in-one eCommerce platform including built-in web store, eBay and Amazon management.  Now, you can have full access to an all-in-one solution that you have only dreamed of; until now.

Developed by Experienced eBay and Amazon Experts was developed by a group of 17-year e-commerce developers to offer an easy solution for small and medium sized online sellers looking for a total e-commerce software package in multi-channel selling platform including eBay, Amazon and web store.

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SellerSoftware eCommerce platform was created in such a way that small and medium sized online sellers will be able to automate and manage important daily tasks, increasing their sales across online stores (eBay, Amazon, Web Store, Google) and even their own personal web stores. offers users the ability to create a streamlined inventory feed, list items, process their orders and print shipping labels for their items.

Multi-Channel Sales

We know that many advanced e-commerce sellers try open-source solutions like Magento. However, the reality is that there is no open-source software which can manage multi-channel sales.  For eBay sellers and Amazon merchants who would like to build up and connect their own websites, they can’t even find an open-source shopping cart solution that is able to link and manage ALL of their daily tasks. As a second option for online sellers, fee-based and high-priced, multi-channel management solutions charge more than $35,000 per year.  Only limited sellers can afford this solution. But even these high-cost, multi-channel management solutions still do not offer all-in-one features, so sellers still need to use other shopping cart solutions and shipping label printing services. Sellers typically end up using three to five different pieces of software for their daily operational tasks.

Because of the issues that professional e-commerce sellers face we are developing this software to make it easier for these sellers. We possess our own selling experience on Amazon, eBay and even online retail storefronts with more than 17 years experience. We also provide fully custom development service.

We have already managed many successful custom integrations for clients. We have the list of the successful e-commerce companies using On their backend, we automated a 24/7 inventory control for Amazon, eBay and other web stores, limiting the issues they may face when items sell out. Daily tasks are much easier with centralization of listing and order processing. The current successful users managed to decrease certain areas of their selling routine by 70% including labor and time it takes to list, order processing, inventory control, building a web store, and shipping management. This reduction in time wasting strategies actually helped them grow up to 400% in just two years after utilizing our software.

We can successfully offer these essential tools to sellers so they can make daily tasks easier, reduce labor time for themselves and their employees, and increase their sales. All of this without much effort and no hassle or risk whatsoever, but it’s not possible without your help.

What We Offer:

  • Simple to use built-in Web Store
  • eBay and Amazon Management Software including Listing
  • Multi-channel Inventory Control
  • Centralized Order Processing
  • Shipping Management and more.


It is important to note that:

  1. This all-in-one eCommerce Solution package is not a do-it-yourself solution like other low cost 3rd party E-Commerce platform or free open source software.  If you are not a web programmer or web master, we understand many companies hire professional high cost web developers to finish their website projects on the low cost E-Commerce platform. However, they still need to use three to five different software and the result is not satisfactory.
  2. is an all-in-one software platform and you don’t need three to five different software to do daily E-Commerce operations.  For SellerSoftware solution users, you can just hire us at affordable rates to complete your all-in-one management solution.
  3. Building this all-in-one solution requires a lot of work hours, so we only recommend it for online sellers who can spend extra hours to build up a web store.  If you are one of them, you can contact us with your requiements, current website address, and budget to build this Amazon, eBay, Web Store & Inventory management solution.  We can answer within 24 hours.
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Amazon, eBay, & Web Store

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