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Finally you can gain completely control of your eCommerce platform at affordable price. 

Introducing, the all-in-one eCommerce platform including Inventory, Warehouse, POS,  eBay and Amazon management.  Now, you can have full access to an all-in-one solution that you have only dreamed of; until now.

Developed by Experienced eBay and Amazon Experts was developed by a group of 17-year e-commerce developers to offer an easy solution for small and medium sized online sellers looking for a total e-commerce software package in multi-channel selling platform including eBay, Amazon, POS, and wholesale.

The design of will be created in such a way that small and medium sized online sellers will be able to automate and manage important daily tasks, increasing their sales across online stores (eBay, Amazon, Google) and even their own warehouse management offers users the ability to create a streamlined inventory feed, list items, process their orders and print shipping labels for their items pay one year and forever free (limited time only. $200/year data fee).

Multi-Channel Sales

We know that many advanced e-commerce sellers try many third party solutions. However, the reality is that there is no affordable priced enterprise level management software which can manage multi-channel sales.

For eBay sellers and Amazon merchants who would like to build up and connect their own websites, they can’t even find an decent solution that is able to link and manage all of their daily tasks.

As a second option for online sellers, fee-based and high-priced, multi-channel management solutions charge more than $35,000 per year.  Only limited sellers can afford this solution.

But even these high-cost, multi-channel management solutions still do not offer all-in-one features, so sellers still need to use other shopping cart solutions and shipping label printing services. Sellers typically end up using three to five different pieces of software for their daily operational tasks.  Enjoy SellerSoftware solution as low as $39.95/mo (limited time only)

No Sales Person 

There is no sales person. Our starting price is so low you can jump in and start to use it as low as $39.95/mo. without meaningless meetings and demo.  

We have a much bigger dream for, and we are asking you to join together to continue our development to update and offer better software in today’s competitive e-commerce platform industry.

Community Support

We will pursue our development and stay up to date to meet today’s eCommerce standard changes every day. However, without participation and community support in forums, it will take much longer to do so.

Listings Managed
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Finished Projects
Years Experienced in Amazon/eBay

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