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Imagine a multi-channel platform that cuts your labor in half and FREE forever when you pay one year (first 100 Los Angeles and Orange County sellers only). Imagine a management platform that frees you from spending your day putting out fires and instead empowers you to concentrate on your businesses’ growth.

Sounds impossible, doesn’t it? It isn’t. It starts with integrating the platform for your business, which is a cheaper, faster way to manage and fulfill your B2B wholesale or retail operations, including warehouse management, CRM, inventory control, order fulfillment, POS, and more for FREE.


Pay One Year & Lifetime Free Service on

For Los Angeles and Orange County sellers only. We setup a meeting for demo Click here

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Inventory & Warehouse Management

Amazon & eBay

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Amazon & eBay Management

Listing, Orders & more

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Payment Gateways


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Amazon & POS

Sell Store Items To Amazon In 7 Days

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POS, CRM, Web Store, & Inventory Management

Automate Your Web Store Today!

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Amazon, eBay, & Web Store

All-in-one For Enterprise Business

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Marketplaces and Integrations

We have provided superior software development services to many Amazon and eBay sellers for more than 17 years individually. Now, we are also offering the finest software solutions to small and medium sized businesses in pay one year and forever free plan so that you can start integrations today.

We provide inventory management, Amazon & eBay listing and order processing, built-in POS, and shopping cart solution to small and medium sellers